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When your not in the tropics, you need to be near water! It preserves your sanity! 
   Like the old guy said

A bad day on the water is better than a good day at work." 

There are close to a 100 lakes and rivers  are the Ohio River and Dale Hollow Lake.
I'll share the information that I know about both below.

Interesting Links to visit for the Ohio River
McAlpine Pool

Waterfront Park

McAlpin Pool Information

Belle of Louisville

Star of Louisville

Juniper Beach Docks

Cutter's Wharf

Ohio River Links

On or off the water you can have fun on a Hovercraft - I owned this one for a while. 

Dale Hollow Lake

Dale Hollow Lake is a picturesque lake located just south of Burksville Kentucky on the Tennessee border. The Dale Hollow dam is near the town of Celina Tennessee and the lake is in part of three counties in Tennessee, Clay , Overton and Picket and two counties in Kentucky, Clinton an d Cumberland. The  largest part of the 52,542 acres ( 27,700 water & 24842 land) is located in Clay County Tennessee. All together there is over 620 miles of shoreline.

The Dale Hollow Lake area offers the opportunity for many other activities other than fishing. There are several other water sports including swimming, water skiing, boating, and deep water skin diving just to mention a few. You will also find camping, recreational trails, or  you can just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are several Boat Docks, Marinas and Resorts in the area as well as some very good dining establishments. Your trip to Dale Hollow will be a memorable one.

Lake Links
1 Cedar Cedar Hill Marina
 2 Dale Hollow Marina
3 Eagle Cove Marina
4 East Port Marina & Resort 
5 Hendrick's Creek Marina
 6 Holly Creek Marina
 7 Horse Creek Dock & Resort
 8 Livingston Boat Dock
 9 Star Point Resort & Marina
10 Sulphur Creek Resort 
11 Sunset Marina & Resort
12 Willow Grove Marina
13 Wisdom Marina 
14 Wolf River Marina

For More Information on Dale Hollow Lake Click HERE

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